Different Facebook ad terms in Facebook marketing

When you are going through your Facebook profile, you should be seeing numerous Facebook ads on accessories, apparels and different categories. Now you should be wondering what are these?  Well if you are not aware, we are here to provide you the information on the basic Facebook Ad Terminologies.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click is a paid form of advertising where the Facebook shows up your ad. The advertiser gets paid only when the user clicks the ad. This is the reason it’s termed as pay per click which means pay for every click. This is also a terminology used for Cost per Click.

Cost Per Impression

Cost per Impression is the terminology used where the advertiser has to pay for the ads when the ads are seen and not clicked. It’s the cost that you pay for every thousand impressions. Facebook gives you the option of both CPC and CPM. It’s considered to be metric that that can help you out to know your average pay towards paid advertising for the required impressions and click through rate.


We go with the term “impression” when the advertiser’s ad is shown either on the Search Engine Result Page (SERPs) or any other google partnered sites. This is restricted only to the visibility of the ad and does not take into the consideration if the user has seen the ad or not as that comes under Viewable Cost Per Impression (Vcpm).

Click Through Rate

This lets you know the ratio at which an advertiser’s ad was clicked. This can be calculated by the total number of unique clicks divided by the number of impressions that the ad or page received.

Cost Per Acquisition

It’s also termed as Pay Per Acquisition (PPA) where the advertiser is charged for every acquisition. Acquisition here can be of various forms like a click, watching a video, submit etc.


Action can be defined as any movement by the user on your ad or facebook profile or the company page. The advertisers provide Call to action with a catchy offer which usually encourages the user to click and perform an action.


Remarketing is the terminology used when an advertiser is trying to target the audience who has visited his or her website in recent times. Remarketing is again of two types, the normal remarketing where the user gets to see the ads at other browsers or third party sites. In dynamic remarketing, only those ads turn up based on the product or category which the user has seen previously. One good example of Remarketing is Amazon. You often get to see the products or ads if you have visited the amazon site in recent times.


Targeting is a term used in Digital media to make sure that the advertiser is able to capture the right audience for the brand and its products.

Maximum Bid

When an advertiser runs an ad through the campaigns, they are supposed to enter a maximum bid amount. This will be the amount that you are willing to pay the max and do not want to exceed this limit. So the ads are displayed in such a way that they do not cross your maximum bid for the day keeping your overall monthly budget in control.

With these terminologies, we are sure that you have a better picture of how things work when it comes to Facebook Ads. These concepts are also the same when it comes to running the campaigns using any other digital platform.

Advanced targeting strategies for Facebook Ads

Something that only Facebook can provide out of the rest is its unique targeting methods. Since Facebook is a social media platform used to connect people all across the globe, we share a lot of information about on Facebook. All this information is used by the brand to target based on the products.With this information, your targeting is going to be precise and you will be able to get the good amount of leads and conversions compared to any other platform.

Facebook like any other advertising platform helps you target based on the demographics and gender. Not only the basic parameters, it goes beyond your imagination to target your right audience. It helps you out with some advanced tools to target as well at the same time. We are here to highlight some of the major features of Facebook that can be used to make your Ad campaign a successful one.

More Specific Targeting

Facebook gives you many ways to target your audience without sticking to the conventional ones. You not only can target based on location, you can also target by the area-specific distance to be very particular. You can target your segment audience based on their hobbies and interests as well. This metric helps in categorizing your product to specific interests and hobbies. For example, if your product is related to fitness, you can directly target the audience who are health freaks and whose hobbies include regular workouts.

Advanced Filtering

Here Facebook gives you the opportunity to select and unselect your targeting options. By this, you can try out different combinations to see which one works the best for your Facebook ads. You can also exclude a certain section of people based on their hobbies or interests to make sure that you are getting the right leads to the clicks.


Facebook also gives you the remarketing campaign where you can target the audience who have visited your website or Facebook page. With this, you will have higher chances to get better conversions.

Try to play around these options so that the right selection of the audience at some point will help in benefiting you.


Chiranjeevi Reddy is a passionate digital marketing professional, blogger and cyber security analyst.

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