How to create amazing video ads for Facebook in 2020

Compared to any other modes of advertising on the digital platform, Facebook ads give you the flexibility which is provided by no one else. Facebook ads allow you to use different styles of images to make your ad as creative as you could. It just does not end with this, you can also add a video here instead of an ad and it still works the same way CPC.

A creative and innovative ad with the perfect suitable text is all enough to satisfy a new user who is seeing the ad for the first time. Then just assume how can a video with a message work for you if you are out there to promote your product ?

When you are all set to venture out promoting your brand on the giant platform Facebook, the first thing that you need to focus on is building a great Facebook Video after creating your Facebook page. This is the starting point and the ultimate point through which you will be able to drive more traffic that will help in better leads and conversions. The Facebook Video created for the advertising will act as a Hub for your business and provide a forum where people can reach you across the globe.

People say that an image can convey the message, so with the video option in place, this is a powerful medium to convey your brand message with a personal touch as the videos always leave back an impression while the same is not with images. With videos you will be able to narrate the story in a way that it will definitely impact the user whose watching it. The user will move a step ahead towards your brand with this effort.

Your Facebook Video needs to speak all about your Brand. So make sure that your brand is well established in the digital world with a well designed website with all the product and brand information in place. Facebook Video Advertising is a way to divert more users to the landing page. Even if you start using other forms of Facebook Ads, it’s ok to advertise Facebook Video Ads. Running quality video Ads increase more people to redirect to your website landing page. So this makes it important that your Facebook Video Ad needs to be as impressive as it can be.

You can make sure that you are doing everything that is essential for a proper branding  by following consistency. The data, logo, content, images and video on Facebook should reflect your website. With this uniformity, their audience will always be able to connect back to your website and will help in branding.

So here are the basics that you need to follow while taking a video.

Video with HD quality

First and utmost step is that you need to use professional tools to make sure that the video is not compromised in any way and you get the best outcome in terms of quality, sound and lighting. The camera that you use to take the shoot should at least be 1080pixels along with good sound recording capacity.

Once you are done with the video, it becomes really important that you get the video edited properly so that you can get the finished product in a good quality. For some of the best editing tools that are available in the market. These will make your work easy. One such example is Adobe Premier.

Video be short & clear

Make sure that the message is conveyed well by Keeping the video short as people don’t tend to watch long videos especially on Facebook. They want to know everything within the seconds scroll. Make changes in your settings so that the video is auto-player so that the user automatically will stop scrolling and watching the video with something that really interests them. Convey about the product and its USP which makes it distinguish from the other products in the market.

Video with right call to action

With Facebook allowing the advertiser to have a very specific marketing agenda based on the various ad categories, they give you a call button which can be renamed and also acts as a call to action. You can add some nice call to action text and with a click of the button, you can divert the user to the website.

Video with attractive description

No matter how well you get your brand logo and images designed, Video created all your efforts are going to turn out to be your worst nightmare if you have no good content to show up on your Facebook Video Ad used for advertising. You need good content on your Facebook Video Ad to make sure that the audience start watching your space for more.

With these points in your mind, you’re sure to have a well built Facebook Video Ad of your own!


Chiranjeevi Reddy is a passionate digital marketing professional, blogger and cyber security analyst.

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