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The bug bounty training in Ameerpet, Hyderabad program taught by simpliskills is a great opportunity for students, job seekers and cyber security enthusiasts who want to step into the field of information security.Hackers are using sophisticated techniques to breach the network and server to steal confidential information. With the intention of safeguarding this data, the concept of bug bounty was introduced. It is when companies use crowdsourcing to help find security breaches or bugs in a website.

Bug bounties are also known as responsible disclosure programs or even a vulnerability rewards program. Some companies choose to reward a researcher with a bounty, i.e a cash prize, swag or list them in their hall of fame. Bug bounty is a program that rewards hackers for finding bugs and reporting it to the company. A technical team will revise all the submissions submitted, and go through them as they verify valid bugs and send out rewards as bounties.

Bug bounty programs allow companies to limit spending and control budget as to hire a professional; it could cost them 1000s of dollars depending upon the scale of the vulnerabilities. So came the concept of bug bounty started becoming more and more popular. Companies such as bugcrowd, hackerone, github, bounty source and bounty factory run and manage bug bounty programs on behalf of their customers, they look over bug reports and validate them, as well as paying the bounties.

A bug bounty program is by many website and software developers by which individuals can receive rewards and recognition for reporting bugs, especially those related to website exploitation and security vulnerabilities. These programs help the developers to find these bugs and correct them before the general public even finds out about it, preventing widespread breaches due to hackers.

Our Ideology

We INSPIRE you to think like a Hacker

One needs motivation to bring themselves to work harder, to work harder one must find the drive. We will inspire you to find this drive so that you can go far in your career.

We EDUCATE you about modern hacking methods

The world is changing at a faster pace than ever and we must stay on top of it. We will teach you all the new methods that hackers today use, so that you can compete with them.

We INTRODUCE you to the world of hacking

There are often many misconceptions about the world of hacking, due to movies. We straighten these out, and help you see only its true colours, as you step into the real world.

We TEACH you advanced hacking techniques

Cybersecurity has many things that one must practice before they can master it. We teach you these essential hacking techniques to help you reach the next level.

We HELP you uncover the hidden secrets

Hacking has many hidden aspects, that every hacker must know. These skills are often not brought up in traditional classes, so we make sure you get a chance to learn them.

We SHOW you the real world of hacking

Our expert trainers will open you up to the world of hacking, one must start from the basics and dig deeper into the advanced concepts of hacking in order to be successful.

Advantages of our Bug Bounty Training

  • Intelligently planned internships with hands-on practical experience.
  • Join our job oriented global certification courses and training programs
  • Learn something that makes you valuable. Don’t just learn master it
  • We create opportunities for individuals to learn, earn and grow rich
  • Skill is Everything. We ensure your success with adopting to new skills
  • Building your confidence as you make leaps towards your dream job

Bug Bounty Training in Ameerpet, Hyderabad

Bug Bounty is also known as responsible disclosure programs, and it is when hackers work to find errors or rather loopholes in a company’s website, then ethically reporting it to a company's security team, in exchange for a reward from the company.

Bug Bounty programs provide hackers with an opportunity to gain real time experience, in the field and it allows them to gain some sort of reward in the process of doing so, while encouraging good professional and moral ethics as they are expected to report the loopholes.

By utilizing bug bounty programs companies are able to find bugs before they are open to the general public, so that they can prevent a general misuse of the system. They set up a technical team who reviews the bugs that were submitted to them, for validation before payouts.

We believe that bug bounties are a good way to raise some capital to sustain yourself, especially as an amateur hacker. We at Simpliskills teach our students to learn the various tactics to help them find the bugs in these programs released by huge companies and organizations. We believe that bug bounties are a great place for hackers to begin as they will soon grow with time and experience.

At Simpliskills, we offer courses to our students that are sure teach them from the basics as they start to understand the latest tools and techniques involved in these bug bounty programs. Our Bug Bounty Program teaches students the professional manner in which they should work and the ways in which they should report bugs.

Kali Linux Training

Kali linux is an operating system based on the Debian distribution aimed at penetration testing which is used in CEH training which is specially designed and developed for cyber security professionals.

Kali Linux provides users with easy access to a group of advanced and diverse security-related tools including everything from port scanners to password crackers. It is an open source software which can be downloaded from its official website.

By using certain kali linux tools we can efficiently gather data,obtain knowledge, execute vulnerability scans on websites, wireless networks, hacking databases, and web/mobile applications.

At Simpliskills our courses also teach some networking basics that candidates will find are essential to understand some of the latest hacking tools and techniques. We create a productive and stimulating environment where one can test and attack the vulnerabilities that were identified.

Top security tools in kali linux:
  • Metasploit Community Version integration
  • Kismet Wireless Pentesting Tool
  • Hydra (A Password Crackers)
  • Nmap (A powerful PortScanner)
  • Ettercap (A Network Sniffer)
  • BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework)
  • Wireshark (Industry Standard Packet Analyser)
Steps to Successful Bug Bounty Certification
  • Enroll at least a week before you want to start the course
  • Covering all the basic modules and clearing the fundamentals
  • Live SOC testing lab practicals and advanced methodology
  • Get real world SOC testing Exam
  • Surround yourself with like-minded peers
  • Strive for excellence in live projects
  • Receive your course certification
Bug Bounty Platforms

Bug Bounty Program Course Curriculum

  • Module 01 : Introduction to Bug Bounty Hunting
  • Module 02 : Risk of Web Applications
  • Module 03 : Web Server Hacking
  • Module 04 : Broken Authentication and Session Management
  • Module 05 : Denial of Service (DOS) Attack
  • Module 06 : Mastery on Burp Suite
  • Module 07 : Open and URL Redirection Concepts
  • Module 08 : Parameter Tampering
  • Module 09 : HTML Injection
  • Module 10 : Host Header Injections
  • Module 11 : Missing SPF/DMARC Records
  • Module 12 : File Inclusion
  • Module 13 : Server Side Request Forgery
  • Module 14 : Cross Site Request Forgery
  • Module 15 : Cross Site Scripting Findings and Exploitation's
  • Module 16 : Insecure Cross Origin Resource Sharing
  • Module 17 : Critical File Disclosure
  • Module 18 : Source Code Disclosure
  • Module 19 : Subdomain Takeover
  • Module 20 : Remote Code Execution
  • Module 21 : XML External Entity
  • Module 22 : No Rate Limitation
  • Module 23 : Practice on Vulnerable Applications and CTF
  • Module 24 : Responsible Disclosure - Writing reports
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